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The Wedding

It is all in place. The gown, the tux, the soft cake with butter cream frosting. It is the perfect three tier cake even if it only has the single layer. Phillip is at the keyboard with his nimble little fingers warmed and ready, a few beads of sweat making his round, bald head shine. I have spent years waiting for this moment, preparing for this moment, dreaming and aspiring for this moment, and now I stand at the altar.

From their birth I knew they were made for each other. He had an extra toe and her sinuses were sealed which made her a bit wheezier than normal and made it hard for her to smell food when it was offered (I sometimes thought I should have my own sinuses sealed). But, imperfections aside, they were the most beautiful little babies. When I first introduced them to each other they immediately licked each other lovingly. It brought tears to my eyes. It was perfect. They were perfect. I had made everything perfect.
In the last few years of courting they grew some resentment for me after all the times I withheld them from intercourse, but I know they now understand and thank me for making them save themselves. Even if they don't say it, I can see in their eyes and the way they touch me that they appreciate my stern disciplining.

Tonight, it would all be worth it for them, their unspoiled bodies ravished with love. After three years of courting and pent up desires, they could finally express their love fully, properly. I can't help but find myself getting excited.
Bruno is to my right and I can see his jaw tremble. He's so handsome in his suit. I comfort him and tell him how beautiful Brandiana is.
I point to Phillip and, regardless of how swishy his wrists may be, the music begins, solid and beautiful. The first chord makes Bruno jump. I can tell he has some cold feet but I hold him at his post.
And then...

There she is, Brandiana. She finds it difficult to come down the aisle. Her small legs shake more than usual. Her little jutted hips wiggle and sway.
Bruno whimpers and struggles against me, wanting to run to her and take her, but I make sure that everything stays perfect, according to plan.
She is so beautiful. I designed the dress myself back when I was still only a young girl. It's the dress I always pictured myself wearing when I got married. But Brandiana makes it look better than I ever could have.
She staggers a little bit but I encourage her. I know how weak her little bulby knees must be because I find my knees to be weak. I am sure she is imagining and anticipating the same thing as I am, as we have for so long… Bruno's glorious manhood.

She makes it to the altar and I lead her onto her seat. Her snow white veil wafts with the warmth from her soft snorts.

I read them the vows they have written for each other. I have practiced reading them for weeks but I still get choked up.

I glance to Phillip. He wipes a tear from his eye at the wondrous love I have brought together on this day.

I reach the end of the speech and tell them to kiss. Bruno is sloppy in his excitement and licks Brandiana’s cheek. She doesn’t mind because she is in love.

I lead them to their honeymoon suite which I laboriously designed and had constructed in the garden wing of our house; small, perfect, and elegant.
I help to undress them and lay their clothes to the side. Their smooth naked bodies tremble, as does mine. Immediately after I leave I can hear them making love, the panting, the grunts. I jokingly think to myself, “Don’t ruin the dress.” And I chuckle.

It is everything I ever dreamed of. Everything I ever wanted. Bruno has his true love and Brandiana has her wonderful husband, a man who can look past Brandiana’s imperfections. He doesn’t see age, or weight, or moles and coarse blue veins, or feet that only fit into the ugliest of shoes. He only sees her true beauty.

I find myself drifting in thought and fantasy of the acts being performed behind the partition and I fight my own imagination of picturing myself as Brandiana. I decide it is best to give them their privacy so I leave the garden.

I begin preparing for the babies.

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