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today i caught a rabbit and i thought to set it free, instead i took it and i skinned it and i hung it from a tree. and as the rabbit kicked and screamed in all its misery, i looked upon it longingly and wished that it was me.


tonight i caught a rabbit that floated in the air. it took some time to understand how it stayed up there. but then it got close enough and i poked it with a stick then it popped and sputtered and fell to the ground then i knew it was all just magic.

today i caught a rabbit for all that it was worth. tomorrow i will bury it and watch it giving birth. daisies and lilies dance to maggots' tune; as all the children of the earth blossom into bloom.

today i caught a rabbit that was nearly deathly ill. so i took it in and cared for it and fed it little pills. i fed it and i fed it but it didnt do any good, its hard to be a doctor when your pills are made of wood.

today i caught a rabbit that was utterly insane. so i strapped it down and tranq'ed it and i fiddled with its brain; its pretty impressive all the things you can fix, with a wad of chewing gum and a dozen paper clips.

today i caught a rabbit but it was already dead. so i took it and i fixed it and i made it a new head. it looks a little funny because it doesnt look like a bunny but its the best that i could do with a loaf of moldy bread.

last night i caught a rabbit and i dreamt that it was you. i hugged it and i kissed it and i severed it in two. i placed a half in my chest, the other in my head. now youre with me all the time even though youre dead.

this morning i caught a rabbit but i thought it was a rock. so i took a hammer and chiseled it into the perfect block. i took it and i stacked it with all my other pets because when they are nice and square you dont need any nets.

today i caught a rabbit but it wasnt any fun. so now ive started thinking that it might be the last one. perhaps ive become jaded or just a little numb. or perhaps a rabbit is just too small to quench my thirsty tongue.

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